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Click here to see Joan Camana’s 2021-2022 Year in Review slides.

Click here for the 2021-2022 Year in Review slideshow by Sue Sutton & Sandy Galea-Martinez.

Our Year in Review slide show by Joan Camana, June 12, 2021

My Adventure at the 2021 Virtual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders slide show by Melissa Cusa, June 12, 2021

Download the following YouTube videos:

— March 13, 2021, general meeting, Chris Abe, Covid Vaccines

— February 6, 2021, general meeting, Madame CJ Walker

— January 16, 2021, general meeting, AAUW Fund Presentation

— October 10, 2020, general meeting, How Many Genders Are There?

Click here to download the Gendered Language provided by Tristian Higgins from How Many Genders Are There?

To download any of the following click on the link:

Branch Bylaws 
Branch Policies and Procedures
2021-23 Strategic Plan

Click here to download the Overview of Job Descriptions of branch officers (elected and appointed)

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