AAUW Fund provides the resources to work towards our mission. Priorities are to achieve economic security for women, to support a strong system of high quality public education, and to guarantee individual rights and social justice for a diverse and inclusive society. We are one of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women. Donations support research, legal advisors, educators, and lobbyists to advocate for these priorities.

FUND chairs encourage and direct our members to support and sustain AAUW philanthropic programs. We promote fundraising efforts and inspire members to underwrite the programs through undesignated and designated gifts and to meet goals. We submit donations and review the Quarterly Branch reports for accuracy. Donors are recognized and celebrated in Forecast articles, at general meetings, and by personal thank yous. We select a Named Gift Honoree member who is introduced at our annual Fund Luncheon which features a woman who has benefited from our scholarships. She tells of her academic accomplishments and how AAUW has helped make her educational goals possible.