Speech Trek


Photo of Zeena Ashir, First Place winner of 2021-2022 AAUW La Mesa-El Cajon Branch Speech Trek

Zeena Ashir, First Place Winner, 2021-2022 AAUW La Mesa-El Cajon Branch Speech Trek

Zeena Ashir, a senior at Granite Hills High School in El Cajon, took first place in the February 08, 2022 La Mesa-El Cajon Branch speech contest. Hussein Al Husseini, a junior also from Granite Hills, placed second, and from El Cajon Valley High School, Isabella Manion, sophomore, placed third. All three students live in El Cajon.

Speech Trek is a speaking contest open to all California high school students. It is an AAUW California Project that begins on the branch level with a speech tournament for local students. It culminates with the top finalist performing their five to six-minute speech at the AAUW California convention/annual meeting in April. All contests this year were held virtually through Zoom. A video of the branch winning speech can be viewed by clicking here. State finalists will be announced and highlighted at the AAUW California annual meeting on Saturday, April 30, 2022. This meeting will be virtual.

United States flagHigh school students from throughout East County were eligible to speak on the topic, “Has the United States lived up to its pledge of liberty and justice for all? Would requiring the study of diversity, equity and inclusion in a high school setting help ensure liberty and justice for all.” The statewide contest begins at the AAUW branch level. This year, three contestants competed for cash awards of $500, $250, and $125.

For information, contact:

Sandy Martinez (sagaleamartinez@gmail.com) or

Sue Sutton (ssutton1950@gmail.com)


Please note that donations to Speech Trek are tax deductible.  Make checks payable to AAUW CA SPF with the words  “Speech Trek” in the memo line.