Tech Trek

When you consider participating in one of our branch activities you might think about being on the Tech Trek Committee. You will surely find that it is a win win situation for you as well as some very deserving 12-year-old girls.  As a member of the committee you would interface with middle school science teachers who nominate girls to go to Tech Trek camp.  You will read essays and participate in interviews as part of the process of choosing the girls that will go to camp.

Then, as the process continues, you will be assigned a camper to assist in filling out forms and getting prepared to go to camp. Often, troubled households and concerned parents need reassurance and support during the process of getting their daughter ready for camp.  Providing information and assurance to the girls and their families very often is a major task for committee members.

Once the girls go off to camp, committee members continue to follow their girls.  You will want to go to camp on the designated visitor day to see the girls in their classes, excited about  math and science;   and the thrill when they describe field trips and connections made with women scientists and engineers.  Visiting camp is an important event for all of the committee members…and we also have extended the invitation to members of our branch.

Though working on the TT committee involves a time commitment, be assured that there are usually very few complaints from the participants.  Members become fully invested in the difference they are making in a young girl’s life.  You should consider it too!

Marileen Meamari

Malia Lebhar