American Association of University Women (AAUW) – Empowering Women Since 1881

Local to Global

AAUW LA MESA – EL CAJON BRANCH (CA), established on May 3, 1951, has about 180 members and is one of the largest AAUW branches in California. LMEC Branch is affiliated with AAUW California and AAUW National. 

History of La Mesa-El Cajon Branch

For more than 70 years, the La Mesa Branch has been active in our community and when we merged with the El Cajon Branch in the mid-1990s, our branch became one of the largest in the state.
• We have maintained our involvement in the community over the years.
• We are in the local schools during March for Women in History month and also in May for Career Day for 5th-grade girls.
• We have networked with League of Women Voters and other like-minded community organizations.
• Longtime members can be proud of our achievements which continue to attract new members dedicated to our mission to advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy.

• We provide scholarships for women in our local colleges.
• AAUW Fund provides national fellowships, scholarships, and grants for advanced university degrees.
• We fund a Tech Trek science camp for middle school girls to enhance their learning opportunities in STEM.
• We host Speech Trek contests for high school students in February.
• First Female is an essay contest for high school girls held in March.
• International Affairs informs us about women around the world such as the Women Peacemakers.
• Public Policy provides us with up-to-date info on women’s issues.


2021-2022 Slate of Elected Officers:

President-                          Joan Camana
President-Elect-                Vicki Spilkin
Program  Co-VPs-             Sue Sutton and Sandy Martinez
Membership Co-VPs-       Ann McDonald and Joan Anderson
AAUW Fund VP-                Open
Recording Secretary-       Gerri Morrison
Finance Officer-                  Jane Niemeier
Membership Treasurer-    Jane Niemeier
Special Activities-                Patti McCann and Anne Justice
Public Policy/Int’l Affairs    Vicki Reed and Charlotte Germundson
Tech Trek-                             Jane Drinkwalter and Heide Doss
Ways and Means:
-Fundraising by Mail          Mary Wells
-Author’s Luncheon            Yolanda Emery and Sherry Butler

Appointed Chair 2021-2022:
Foundation Rep-            Marilyn Daniels
Local Scholarships-        Carol Perkins and Cindy Rittershofer
College Liaison-              Cindy Rittershofer
Women in History-         Carol Perkins
Circulation-                     Martha Powers and Bobbie Dennis
Directory Editor-            Jan Tierney
Mass Mailings-               Randa Blanding
Telephone Links-           Ann McDonald
Forecast Editor-             Randa Blanding
Hospitality–                     Yolanda Emery
Career Day-                    Ann McDonald
-Media—                         Randa Blanding
-Facebook—                   Jane Niemeier
-Website—                      Linda Gidlund, Randa Blanding
Speech Trek-                  Sue Sutton and Sandy Martinez
First Female—                Sydney Brown
Financial Reviewer—     Sue Hotz
Parliamentarian—         Patti McCann