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Next Meeting:
Tuesday, February 27th, 2:00 pm, at St Dunstan’s Episcopal Church library, 6556 Park Ridge Boulevard, San Carlos area. Jenny Bramer, who is the Associate Athletic Director at San Diego State University, will talk to us about equality for women in athletics. She’s also bringing a video about early female athletes at 
SDSU; something for you history buffs. Looking forward to a good start to 2018. Charlotte Germundson, Chair

Informing everyone and monitoring  legislative issues is an important function of our AAUW Branch. We provide candidate forums, as well as informative meetings on local issues and participate in coalitions for human and civil rights. 

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Members of AAUW’s  Action Network receive urgent e-mail notices when their advocacy is needed most and spring to action. Last year, Two-Minute Activists sent over 200,000 messages to their members of Congress, ensuring our mission of gender equity was heard in the halls of power.

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