Public Policy/International Relations

What We Do

We work to inform members about the current Public Policy Priorities of AAUW which serve to advance gender equity for women and girls. Speakers and forums promote public discussion of these topics as well as information related to current ballot issues. Some of the topics covered are pay equity, educational opportunities, enforcement of Title IX, and affirmative action.

We also work to inform members about AAUW’s efforts to advance equality for women across the globe. Fellowships are awarded to women in more than 150 countries, and AAUW works closely with the United Nations and U.S. Dept. of State to improve the status of women throughout the world. We invite members to participate in the yearly Women PeaceMaker forums at USD.

Public Policy is the core of AAUW.  Essentially we are “promoting equity and education for women and girls”, but the reality is that today helping even one is helping all who encounter discrimination.  What is the strongest weapon available to achieve equality?  It is the law, because all people are equal under the law.

Since Public Policy concentrates on equity for women and girls, we combine education with action to achieve legislation.  Policy Co-Chairs  AAUW California, Kathi Harper and Sue Miller, keep us informed on bills before the legislature that our organizations supports. Anita Reith and Barbara Evje have given presentations, but we are non-political and never tell you how to vote. We do help you keep in touch with your elected officials.

Unfortunately, legislation is not enough. It needs to be enforced. Over the years we have had speakers who play a leading role in the educational, economic and political life of San Diego. Greater economic prosperity through justice is the Key to all our programs. From the right to vote to Title IX to equality in the workplace, we are fighting poverty through the advancement of our gender.

Past Speakers

February was Black History Month, so Geneviéve Jones-Wright of Community Advocates for Just and Moral Governance (MoGo) spoke about getting greater justice, especially injustice toward Blacks by the police force in our legal system. She urged us to sign the petition PROTECT which would put better control on overpolicing. This petition can be reached at

Recent Public Policy speakers to a General Meeting of the branch have been:

  • Jeanne Weidner, League of Women Voters of San Diego
  • Michael Vu, former Registrar of Voters for San Diego County
  • Chris Abe, Vice President of Operations for Rady Children’s Hospital
  • Georgette Gomez, former San Diego City Council member and president of Toyon Strategies

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