AAUW La Mesa-El Cajon CA Foundation


_For almost 70 years, the La Mesa Branch has been active in our community and when we merged with the El Cajon Branch in the mid 1990s, our Branch became one of the largest in the state.  We have maintained our involvement in the community over the years.
_We are in the local schools during March  for Women in History month and also in May for Career Day for 5th grade girls.
-We have networked with
League of Women Voters and other like-minded community organizations.
_Longtime members can be proud of our achievements which continue to attract new members dedicated to our mission to advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education and advocacy.
_We provide scholarships for women in our local colleges.
AAUW Fund provides national fellowships, scholarships and grants for advance university degrees.
_We fund a Tech Trek science camp for middle school girls to enhance their learning opportunities in STEAM.
_We host — -_Speech Trek contests for high school students in February.
_First Female is an essay contest for high school girls held in March.
_International Affairs informs us about women around the world such as the Women Peacemakers.
_Public Policy provides us with up-to-date info on women’s rights.
_Our Branch established our Foundation in 2005 to provide yearly funding for our programs.  The San Diego Foundation manages our funds and dispenses annual dividends to our Foundation for our scholarship programs.
_Donations are welcome in any amount at any time.  Life Membership is given to those who donate $1000 or more. You may become a Life Member over time  or as a bequest in your Will or Trust.  The bigger our fund grows, the bigger our annual distribution is.
_Information about our own 501(c)3 is listed below:
Incorporated 1/8/2005-State of California  #274743
Federal Tax Exemption12/l/2005 EID#41-2171383